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Well, I've finally gotten around to setting up the most primitive of home pages, but Hey! at least I finally did it.
Right up here at the top you'll find links to the most commonly useful (to me at least) links, as well as links to some of my pages of useful (and Interesting) stuff.

Google - All the Web - Search - Craigslist - Amazon - OWC - Newegg Baidu
CDW or Dell - IBM - eBay - how to do something - Wikipedia - GeoCoder

Google Maps - MapQuest - KCI Page
Science News - US Post Office - Units Conversion - Netflix - NIST Healthcare Page
Person Phone Dir - International Calling Codes - FedEx - Travel Info - Google Translate
NOAA Weather - OID registry at HL7 - Droid Forums - My T-Mobile - Gmail - Siteworx
Turbo Tax - Infernal Revenue Service - H&R Block Tax folks - Al Jazeera English - Fox News
Google News - CNN - PBS - NPR - NBC - CBS - ABC - Reuters - The Daily Show - NYT - WSJ
Asian Daily - International News (BBC) - Australia News - China News - Wenxue City - Xinhua News
Facebook - Early Show - Politifact - Real Clear Politics - Newsweek - Politico - Forbes - Slate
Associated Press - NYC - The Atlantic - The Hill - The Economist - USA Today - C-Span - Financial Times

Merriam Webster - join.me - NYC - Minneapolis Guide - TWC - Skype Login AppleID

Accu Weather - Click for New York, New York Forecast

HL7 and Standards Links Medical Informatics Links General Medical Information and Links
ISO OID project 13582 - ISO OID Project 13581 - Core Prinicples R2 (web)
Finance and Investing - MindSpring (ISP) - Bing Translator - Facebook - Star Valley Ranch

Click for Thayne, Wyoming Forecast

Vacation Planning Links - Virus Information - Currency Cnv - World Clock

 A horse is a horse, of course, of course...

Miscellaneous links of stuff - The Evil Demons - Politifact

Some Funny Stuff and some Skiing Sites

and of course links to various weather servers (what kind of clothing will we need?)

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Member Services - Private Healthcare System

If we are going somewhere in New York we could use the NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation website

FOOD AND Beer AND Scuba Diving

Vacationing: The Virtual Tourist Page , the Virtual Tourist Page II, NY Lotto

Very Cool Music Stuff in New York The Metropolitan Museum of Art Other NYC museums

Spaced Out? How about a visit to the Kennedy Space Center and checkout the latest Shuttle Launch

Some Hubble Images and The Museum of Hoaxes - Evony

Do some internet shopping, or maybe we just want to checkout some awesome lists. and some miscellaneous tributes to some friends


 And some random links:

  1. NY City Virtual Guide
  2. Edmund's Car Guide
  3. Car Repair cost information
  4. Comic and Music Page
  5. More Virtual Reality
  6. Shopping at IMALL
  7. Cool site of the week


OK, I *HAD* to have some Techno-geeky stuff on this site!

NIST Time Service -- Rape Victims Information

Techie Page virtual reality writing html, Understanding MIME

Some html goodies, and some tools to help us with html authoring.

Our modem problems the TPLink Router Ridge and the 6100 Cable/DSL modem in Ridge

Other miscelleneous Techie Links:

Anti - Spam information:

And, some Martin Fowler references:


I will add stuff from time to time, so this will change. See ya!

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Ted Klein
Links to information about the town where I live now, and the town where I used to live.
You can email me at: ted@tklein.com