My Diving Trip To Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

September 19-22, 1998

Well, seeing as how I was in San Diego attending an HL7 conference the previous week, I decided to head south to Cabo with some co-workers to take in a few days of diving. We flew down on Friday night after the conference, rented a Jeep Wrangler from Avis, and headed to Cabo Pulmo, where we had heard that the best diving in the area was to be had. Since the hurricane had pummeled the coast just a few days before, we took quite a few hours over washed out dirt road dodging cows to finally arrive at the resort of Los Frailes. We dove for a couple of days with Scott and ?? on the reef at the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park reserve. Here are a few of the pictures:

Los Frailes The Dive Shop

Launching the dive boat The Gang

Many, many fishes

The turtle, highlight of the dive

Corals and Fish

Last but not least, my buddy

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