Medical Informatics Links

Informatics Links and Organizations:


Some randomly collected related sites; some links may not work or may be old

  1. Virginia Veterinarian Group SNOMED browser
  2. IETF BCP 47
  3. Columbia University
  4. DrNP Portfolio Test Page
  5. Apelon
  6. Archive: ``fj-sci-medical'' mailing list
  7. HIMSS Info Page
  8. NCI vocab browser
  9. ITCH '96 conference on Community Health
  10. Andover Working Group Home Page
  11. Andover Working Group Other Home Page
  12. e-Med News Service Publication Site
  13. Biomedical Engineering (Engineering & Technology)
  14. Medical Applications and Practice (Medicine)
  15. Master Patient Index RFI (Bo Graham)
  16. Medical Applications and Practice (Medicine)
  17. Medical Specialties (Medicine)
  18. Medical Specialties (Medicine)
  19. Medical Technologies (Medicine)
  20. Medical Technologies (Medicine)
  21. Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  22. Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  23. Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  24. COM1 Med Info Reference Page
  25. Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Health Care Services
  26. Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Health Care Services
  27. Palo Alto Medical Foundation: Health Care Services
  28. UIHC Medical Museum Home Page
  29. Wakayama Medical guide in English
  30. Westminster Supply Home Page
  31. The IEEE Medical Policy Technical Committee (MPTC)
  32. International news stories - healthcare electronic data applications
  33. Human Languages

Some sites that are Medical Supply Stores:

  1. cimtekmedical
  2. Medibuy
  3. Neoforma




We also have links to some people and places associated with Medicine and HL7: 

Bo Graham, RN, BSN

Bo is also available through and CIS:


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