Funny Links

Here is the collection of stress relieving humor pages. Only a few collected so far...

We have a set of blonde jokes here, as well as The Notebooks of Gatling Wessex We have the page of how Programmer Hunt Elephants, and to keep from wasting time and being bored, we have list of fun things to do in elevators. And for the terminally geeky, we have some chuckles about software development.
We have some random Funny Net Stuff, and a quick link to Dr. Fun . We also have a wonderful treatise on the trials and tribulations of having a SO who is a techie. And, speaking of SOs, how about the 9 types of girlfriends?. And how about different kinds of toast?

We also have a brief history of computers for your perusal. And the canonical list of answering machine messages.

Some debunking of celebrities and their stories , and an interesting collection of Cliches

How about some Political Humor?

Al Qaeda
Bomb Sadam flash video!
The financial meltdown, explained
Political advertisements

Walt Handelsman

The Demotivation Center

How about some Chinese Food?

Ordering Pizza in 2010

Fantastic social and political commentary from Fred Reed

A link to The Onion, and all kinds of other miscellaneous crap. Also, a link to GREAT Political Humor by Mark Fiore.

And, lets not forget our favorite comic, Dilbert To say nothing of the page of Famous Testicles.

How about a wicked BBQ?

Some Harvard Lampoon Cartoons

How about a chuckle about God himself? Or maybe a little discussion of Men vs. Women?

Remember, always write documentation as if the person reading it is a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

Work is Hell